TOOLBOX Z700, White Interfold Wipers

Sellars | 7020701
SKU: 7020701


• Compare to WYPALL* X70
• Works like cloth and is a low lint wiper
• Interfolds are perfect for jobs that require larger towels
• Portable dispenser box allows you to grab 1 sheet at a time
• Interfold dispenser box can dispense from either the top or bottom
• Ideal for most heavy-duty applications and messy fluid applications
• Blue color helps hide grease and grime better than white towels allowing for longer use before being discarded
• TOOLBOX® Z700 wipers are up to 25% stronger than Kimberly-Clark's WYPALL* X70 in the weakest strength direction (Cross Direction Tensile)
• Made with 25% recycled fibers
• Made in the USA
• *WYPALL is a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide Inc.

Our interfold wipers are packaged in a cardboard dispenser box that protects the towels and allows for single sheet dispensing and have the largest sheet size of any of our standard put ups.

Recommended for jobs that require portability and have moderate to high levels of contact with grease, grime, etc.