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Safewaze Fall Rescue Descender Kit

FS903PR-130 | Safewaze Fall Rescue Descender Kit

PRO Construction Harness

The SafeWaze Pro Construction Fall Protection Harness has all the features needed for a tough day on the job including...

V-LINE Harness with Grommet Legs

The SafeWaze V-Line Fall Protection Harness with Grommet Legs has all the features of a premium harness, including a...

7' Lightweight Web Retractable with Steel Locking Rebar Hook

The Safewaze 018-5010 unit is lightweight with a durable translucent housing that not only looks unique, but protects...

6' Web Retractable with Steel Snap Hook & Steel Carabiner

The SafeWaze 019-5044 Class B 6′ web self retracting lifeline with a steel snap hook combines lightweight design with...

Low Profile Elastic Energy Absorbing Lanyard w/ Snap Hooks

The SafeWaze FS590 is a low profile elastic energy absorbing lanyard that stretched 4′-6′ in length, with forged a snap...

18" D-Ring Extender

The SafeWaze FS813 D-ring extender provides additional length between the dorsal D-ring of the harness and connection...

6' Heavy Duty Cross Arm Strap

6′ cross arm strap made with reinforced webbing and two individually sized D-rings for easy pass through set up.

Premier Beam Anchor

The premier beam anchor is designed for 3 1/2″ to 14″ beams with a flange up to 1 1/4″. It has a centered d-ring and is...

Winch & Tripod Rescue System, Salalift II

DBI Sala | 8300030